Newbie - help needed



Hi, I am new to image processing and cell biology. Our task is to detect nuclei and cells in microscopy images from vital hepatocytes (no fluorescence images). A typical example you can find here (original image and 8bit grey values): … 1_orig.tif … 1_BlWh.tif

I tried some modules by trial and error but with poor results. I suppose that a person, that is familiar with cell imaging, can quite easily recognize, what is a promising approach.

Can you give me some hints how to proceed, please? E.g. what modules/filters are proper for pre-processing the images and what modules and parameters are promising for cell & nucleus detection?

Thanks for your help.



What is the goal of your analysis? Also, what kinds of stains are you using? Perhaps it is possible to use different H+E stains to stain the nuclei blue and the protein (cell) red, then you could hopefully separate these two colors and define nuclei and cells in CellProfiler to do analysis.




thanks for your reply. Staining is not possible as we receive time-lapse videos of vital cells. The videos are given to us from our project partners (cell biologists).

Our task is to analyze the position and area of each nucleus and cell and to calculate the motion of them from frame to frame. For the second task (motility) we have got a proper software.

Best regards, Tobias