NEWB : How to remove a label during deeplabcut.labelframes

On a couple of images, I wrongly right-clicked on a body part that was not the first label (eg the first part was occluded).
So I should have clicked the right label, then right-clicked on the body-part.

How can I remove that wrong label during this labelling?
I saw it can be adjusted during .refine_labels, but that seems like a lot of work if you catch the error while still in the labelling process.

Thanks for the help !

You can remove a label with the middle click (of the mouse).

(also, if you click on the HELP button on the GUI, it explains all the functionality. There are also many hot keys)


that does not seem to work on a Mac.(Mac OS 10.14.6).

On the help, really hard to read. Some formatting is needed. Some text become so long the close button disappears at the bottom of the screen.



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Thanks for the feedback. Feel free to make a pull request!