New Version of CPA Released

A new version of CellProfiler Analyst has been released and is available for download for PC and Mac at

The new release includes several small bugfixes and the following new features:

  • Workspaces
    can now be saved, loaded, and applied to new datasets … eg: If you have 2 scatterplots, a histogram, and plateviewer open. Selecting File > Save Workspace from the CPA menubar will allow you to reopen all these tools at once with the same view on the current dataset, or any other (provided that they contain the same measurements as those being shown in the plots).

  • Edit Rules
    in Classifier can now be edited by choosing Rules > Edit from the menubar.

  • A new TableViewer
    tool allows you to easily view tables from your Database and CSV files and save them in either place.

  • PlateViewer now supports displaying image thumbnails
    in place of each well if they are exported to the database using CellProfiler.

  • Filters can now be created on the fly via a simple UI.

  • A new BoxPlot visualization

  • Collections of points can now be colored differently in ScatterPlot (beta)

  • Categorical data can now be plotted in Scatterplot and PlateViewer

  • Images can now be opened from ScatterPlot for per-well tables which have plate and well columns matching those of the ImageTable

  • Improved database reconnection functionality when your connection gets dropped.