New version issue

Dear Cellprofilers,

I’ve been using Cell Profiler to measure cell area over the last couple of months, but in the latest release I’ve encountered a problem. I use ‘Display Data on Image’ to overlay the areas onto the cells. These areas are the output of the ‘Calculate Math’ module which converts pixels to microns, and are usually in the range of 5-20 square microns.

In the latest release, all of the areas are whole numbers (but written with 2xdecimal places, i.e 14.00, 15.00 etc). In the previous version they used to be to 2 decimal places without rounding up or down (14.69, 15.03 etc), and I need that detail for the anlysis. Everything else in the pipeline is as working as before.

If there isn’t a fix for this (or i’m being an idiot) i’ll just download the previous version, but i thought it would be worth bringing up anyway.


Aidan Maartens

Hopefully a simple question: Are the final values being exported in ExportToSpreadsheet (or whatever export module you use) with the correct number of decimal places?