New user-Worm Identification

Hi, I am new to this program and have never used anything like this so I apologise if my question at the moment is quite general.

My phenotype of interest is actually simply a progeny count of C. elegans for one day (which can range from 0-150). So primarily I tried using identifyprimaryobjects, but this identifies many artefacts or worm paths through the agar as well. I then made a new worm model following tutorials 2 and 3. Could you please help with how to get the identification of objects to be based on following the worm model, rather than just looking for objects? Additionally would there be other ways I can set thresholds for objects (ex. beyond diameter can I set a min. width, length, intensity, etc)? Also, would you know if your program is suited for identifying worms against the messy bacterial lawn or would they need to be floating in solution?

I have attached my first pipeline. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to take pilot photos so the images I’ve been using are rather unlike my real experiment in terms of variety of worm size, and zoom. I

Thank you for any help you can give and I am very impressed so far with your program, especially for open source.
Try1 Manual pipeline.cpproj (340 KB)

As an update, the experiment at this point looks like it will be imaging worms in a liquid medium rather than agar. Additionally I have some pilot photos which have a much lower magnification than the previous images for a wider field of view. I have uploaded some more recent images (again, still not perfect as likely smaller square shaped wells will be used) in case this helps with the process.

Again, thanks for any help you can provide.