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Dear All,

I’m a new user. I would like to ask a question about image processing in Image J; however, I cannot upload a picture which allows me to explain what my problem is. I was wondering if someone could help me with this.

Thank you.


Since you successfully created your first post now, the forum system automatically promoted you from the new user to the basic user level, which means that you should be able to upload now. Can you try again (either editing your first post, or replying to this one here)?

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Dear Imagejan,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I am still unable to upload a picture/attachment.

I manually increased your trust level to (2) member now. Can you please try again? Other users didn’t have issues with attaching images to their posts. Which file format/extension are you trying to upload? Can you also try Edit > Copy to System in ImageJ, and then paste into your forum post?

I’m trying to upload a .tif file. It seems possible now thank you.

inlenstest01.tif (867.5 KB)

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There is a plugin available in the plug in site for ImageJ/Fiji called ‘Poly Shade Correction’ which will do what you would like.
5fd250bf73f6c685fc00fc1744e800430556f3e9_lazpujiladsono 1_2.tif (768.2 KB)
The settings were 2,2,5 to obtain this. Adjust brightness contrast as needed.

Well I also have to convert to jpeg usually to be able to upload. No idea what level I am though ^^

I guess that’s a different issue: tiff images are not displayed by most browsers, so trying to upload them as an image results in a strange line that doesn’t appear to be a link, even if it is. Uploading as attachment (or removing the ! before the markdown image link) should work however.

As this happened a few times already, there are explanation posts spread throughout some of the forum topics:

Maybe we should 1) create a topic template that includes instructions for tiff images, or 2) make a pinned topic with explanations… Comments welcome.

Your user profile says Level 2 - member, but note that permissions to upload are independent of the image file format, so it should not make any difference whether you try to upload tiff or jpeg.


I usually copy and paste images directly into the post (e.g. from Fiji Edit > Copy to System), which usually results in a png image being uploaded, but that might depend on the browser and OS you’re using.