New to CellProfiler, need help with converting 2.2.0 pipelines from a previous user, to 3.1.8. and have them work the same way


I am very new to CellProfiler, but I have inherited a bunch of assays that I need to analyze using a previous person’s pipelines - but those were created in Cell Profiler 2.2.0, and my computer has installed 3.1.8. All of them give me “this pipeline may not open properly”…type of message, and since I don’t know what should normally be in those pipelines, I don’t know if all info is correct. Can someone help me transfer the pipeline properly to the new CP version?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Prionbrain,

You can access previous release versions of CellProfiler here. I suggest you download 2.2 so that you can open your inherited pipelines and have a look at them.

Once you’ve seen them, the CellProfiler team have written a helpful post about converting your pipelines from 2 to 3 here:
The CellProfiler 2 User's Guide to CellProfiler 3.0, Part II: Converting your pipelines

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Thank you! I will attempt to do that.
Do you have experience whether version 2.2.0 works on Windows 10 computers?
Because our computers were recently upgraded to Windows 10, and the CellProfiler from the previous person got deleted (but many other programs were kept), so I downloaded the latest version from the Cell Profiler webpage.

Thanks again!

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