New stitching tools available?

Hello all -

Just wanted to see if anyone can recommend some new stitching tools out there. Our lab does quite a bit of stitching… mainly using the Grid/Collection and BigStitcher. However, we are interested in trying out new tools for comparisons, etc.

So if you know of any in particular… please let me know! Thank you!

There’s also MIST:

I don’t have any experience using it however, as we’re also using the options developed by @StephanPreibisch et al. you mentioned above.

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We’ve been using TeraStitcher quite a lot. It’s advantage is that it can be run on machines with low RAM.


As one of the creators of MIST I figured I should chime in.

MIST will handle low memory situations, so long as you can fit at least 2 images (and their accompanying single precision FFTs) in JVM memory.

The important thing to know when working with MIST is whether your data fits within our stage model assumptions. For a brief summary of the stage model see our wiki.