New Script Editor released

The Script Editor now has some new features, courtesy of @albertcardona:

You can receive this update as usual: Help › Update…

Give it a try and report back here how it works for you!

File › New › Script… will open it—or you can use the shortcut key [.

See the docs for more about the Script Editor.


Would it be possible to add the keyboard shortcut [ to the File › New › Script… menu entry?

The Script Editor minimises into the bottom left corner of the screen. To reproduce:

  1. Open the Script Editor
  2. Maximise the Script Editor
  3. Close the Script Editor
  4. Open the Script Editor again

Running macOS Mojave 10.14.4 and script-editor-0.5.1

I think this is related to the workaround in commit 9a52e0b?

Filed an issue here:

Doesn’t happen on Linux for me (Ubuntu 18.10).

The ScriptEditor plugin already declares the shortcut correctly. And the shortcut appears correctly in the ImageJ2 Swing user interface. There is some bug going on where the keyboard shortcut is not translated to the legacy UI’s MenuItem correctly. But I don’t have time to dig into it today. Feel free to file an issue, and/or investigate yourself in the meantime.