New Research Software Engineer position to work on QuPath!

Come join me in Edinburgh to improve QuPath!

Looking for a Research Software Engineer to help make analysing complex tissue images faster, more accurate and more intuitive to accelerate biomedical research.

QuPath ( is an open source, flexible, scriptable, cross-platform Java application designed to handle ultra-large images. It combines image processing, machine learning & data visualization, aiming to make sophisticated analysis user-friendly & developer-friendly.

If you like open source and want to apply your software skills to help biologists, clinicians & informaticians work together more effectively to accelerate research into health & disease, while taming techniques like deep learning to solve diverse, challenging problems, please apply!

With 30,000 downloads so far & users all over the world in both academia in industry, enhancing QuPath promises to have a huge impact on studies into many diseases, including cancer and multiple sclerosis.

To find out more about the applications, check out publications using QuPath at