New proposed tag: "industry"




At a recent workshop of the Euro-Bioimaging Industry Board, @sbesson and I reported on the upcoming support for pyramidal TIFFs in #bio-formats (see Bio-Formats 6 update). Industry attendees reported not having been aware of the effort. In a discussion of what the best way to discuss with members of industry would be, a single category/tag here on was suggested.

Discussion during the DevDays at I2K yesterday suggested just doing it.


Open to discussion below, but I’d propose to use #industry for the following types of posts:

  • Blog posts / announcement that #industry should be aware of
  • Questions to #industry about how software works (e.g. what algorithm is being used, etc)
  • Posts by #industry to clearly mark their source

Bio-Formats 6 update has been updated to include the tag. Happy to hear what people think.



Hi Josh,

at least we at ZEISS were aware that you guys are working on the pyramidal OME-TIFF, but to be honest we maybe were not paying enough attention to the timeline. Luckily we are already using BioFormats inside our software, so I think we are good to go here (I hope).

On the other side we also published new ways to integrate CZI in open-source tools (see And we plan to also release a basic python wrapper for libCZI out soon, but we also will need here the support of the community (use it and improve it).

So I like the idea of the #industry tag and will surely watch out for it.