New plugins: Unified Merge and Extended Panel

Hi imaging folks,

Over the years of using ImageJ I’ve written a couple of plugins that I have been using for a while and that my colleagues have found useful, so I finally decided to share them (they have been published on my site for a while but I had never advertised them anywhere, so I doubt anybody apart from my colleagues ever found them before).

The first plugin, and presumably the most useful, is Unified Merge. Given a hyperstack containing several channels, it allows to generate with a few clicks an image containing one panel for each individual channel along with a panel containing a colorized “merge” of all channels.

This is not intended to generate publication-quality figures (a task for which I rather use OMERO.figure). Instead, I and my colleagues typically use it to quickly generate “preview” images that always have the same layout and are “good enough” to be shown in a lab meeting or a similar situation.

The second plugin is Extended Panel. It simply generates an image containing a selection of t-frames from a hyperstack, arranged in a given number of columns and rows. Similarly to the Unified Merge plugin, it is kept deliberately simple as it is not intended to replace a figure preparation tool.

The plugins also come with a small library of helper classes, which can be used from other plugins or from scripts.

Development happens on my
. Releases are available
to download from the forge
(for manual installation; the single Jar file contains both plugins and the
helper library) and also in my personal ImageJ update site at (for automatic installation through the Fiji Updater).

Once installed, the plugins are available in the Plugins > menu.

Any feedback welcome.