New plugin: Alert

I’ve released a new ImageJ plugin that allows to draw user attention on the status bar or on specific image windows by permanently or temporarily giving those objects a chosen color.


It’s located in Plugins>Utilities>Alert.
Choose object to apply alert to from status bar or active image.
Choose color to apply
Use a duration>0 for just flashing the color. 500 will change the color for 500 ms.
Or use duration<=0 to change the color permanently.

In a macro, use something like:

run("Blobs (25K)");
run("Alert ", "object=Image color=Green duration=1000");

You can get this plugin by activating the IBMP-CNRS Fiji update site, or in ImageJ by getting the jat file from GitHub - mutterer/alert



Amazing color coding tool. Does it work on daughter windows? Like a split stack etc.


No but that would be awesome. I’m not aware of an existing builtin mechanism to track image lineage. You’d have to get the color-id of the parent and manually apply to offspring images.

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I think clij does that, but point taken.

Thanks for this great plugin!

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Most functions of the Alert plugin were built into ImageJ 1.53i3.
You can now: showStatus(message, options);
Examples for available options are given in this test macro:


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