New module developement environement

Sorry if that is a bit obvious, but: what would be a simple and efficient coding environment/workflow to develop a new module? I am able to drop a .py in the plugin folders and have it available in CP, but it get available after a change only after a restart of CP, and I do not know where stdout would get to, so debug could get painful. Is installing the full development version with the full source needed for just a module or is there an easier way?

Bonus (even sillier) question. I found the wiki, with some interesting info, but: is there a api doc/reference somewhere? I could not find it…

Many thanks,


Hi ac,
Sorry for the slow(!) reply; likely you have worked around these issues by now. In any case, for posterity:

  • Efficient workflow for development: As far as I know, you still need to restart CP to get it to recognize a changed plugins folder. (Anyone, please correct me if I’m wrong, as I haven’t tried this recently!)
  • Our lead programmer, Lee Kamentsky, will be adding to the What_if_I_want_to_contribute_to_CellProfiler wiki page soon, since he is giving a tutorial on this in Sweden in the near future.