New install, error when installing deeplabcut on macOS "module not found"

Trouble installing deeplabcut, I created a conda environment, typed “pip install deeplabcut” within environment and received this:

Collecting intel-openmp (from deeplabcut)
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement intel-openmp (from deeplabcut) (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for intel-openmp (from deeplabcut)

Not sure how to proceed, Please help!

please use this file:,

and then you do not need to run pip install deeplabcut inside it :slight_smile:

I retried using that link and then tested one of the examples and received this message:

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Two issues here:

(1) Please see the troublenshooting guide:

DeepLabCut Installation:
"import deeplabcut" fails in Jupyter Notebook If you installed deeplabcut in a conda environment, you need to switch to that environment within Jupyter (go to Kernel > change Kernel). If this is not possible first run: conda install nb_conda then restart the terminal, and then in Jupyter now you can change the kernel to specific environments in Jupyter

(2) BIGGER issue is you will need to use a framework build of python for macOS, i.e. please see here:

namely, you need to use pythonw not Jupyter :wink: