New ImageJ wiki and Adobe Flash SWF files

Hello, ImageJ wiki enthusiasts! I have been working like mad to complete the new ImageJ wiki. It’s coming along fast now—I expect to cut over to the new site by end of April, perhaps sooner. But in the meantime, I have a question for you.

On the old Fiji/ImageJ wiki, there were several tutorials in SWF (Adobe Flash) format. My plan had been to convert these to YouTube videos, and embed the links, so that people still have access to that content, albeit not interactively. Unfortunately, after trying several conversion tools, I’m concluding that these tutorials, which were made with a tool called Wink, do not convert correctly to video. So then my next thought was to just load them up in the browser and record screencasts clicking through them. But Adobe has really thoroughly killed Flash—not only ceasing updates, but actually pushing out changes that prevent SWF files from being playable anymore, uninstalling Flash from people’s machines, etc.

The tutorial files are:

  • Skeleton-analysis-tutorial.swf
  • TrakEM2-FastMarching.swf
  • TrakEM2-Userguide-Howtoaddlayers.swf
  • TrakEM2-Userguide-Saveas.swf
  • UserGuide-Measure.swf
  • User_guide_TrakEM.swf
  • Userguide-3NewPens.swf
  • Userguide-AutoAlign.swf

My questions are:

  1. Do you want to see these video tutorials restored?
  2. If so: do you have an older machine, e.g. running Windows 7, which hasn’t had Flash
    obliterated from it yet, such that you could click through and record these tutorials into video format?

Edit: I have found that the web-based Flash emulator called Ruffle is able to play these Wink tutorials! At least the ones I tested thus far. Does anyone have time and interest in converting them to screencasts using this tool? If not, I can do it, but… even if one can do anything, one can’t do everything:wink: @smgriffin2 Would you have time?

Thanks for reading!

CC @iarganda @albertcardona


Sure thing! Will take a look at first thing Monday.


Hi all,

I’ve screen capped the above .swf files and uploaded them to the LOCI youtube channel in this playlist.

I’ve pushed a commit to the repo that replaces the placeholder “TO DO FLASH WIDGET” text with the appropriate video. I’ve also made a note above each video that the original flash video has been replaced with a screen capture.



Yes, I hope you can find a way to keep the tutorials. Thank you.

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Thanks a lot for doing this, @smgriffin2!

Just a note: TrakEM2 is misspelled on the Youtube video titles (it needs to be Trak, not Track :wink: )

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@imagejan Thanks for catching that, fixed!

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Thanks very much @smgriffin2, that was very kind.

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