New ImageJ.JS release with 3D viewer and CellPose segmentation

We have released a newer version of ImageJ.JS compiled from ImageJ 1.53f!

New features and updates:

  • Much better mobile and tablet support
    • emulate right click with long press on touch screen devices (thanks to @Wayne integrating this to the upstream repo)
    • display context menu directly on the ROI (thanks to @Wayne)
  • bug fixes
    • popup menu bug fixed
    • scrollbar fixed for safari
    • fix plugin editing for ImJoy
  • two new ImJoy plugins shipped by default
    • CellPose for image segmentation (based on the imjoy api of the website, thanks to Carsen Stringer), it now produces ROI directly (thanks to @schmiedc for the macro)
    • itk-vtk-viewer plugin for 3D visualization (based on the imjoy api of itk-vtk-viewer web app by @thewtex )
  • Added two ImageJ.JS badges:
    • open in ImageJ.JS
    • launch ImageJ.JS

Try it out at and let us know if you have an issue!


Dear All, thank you so much. I wanted to use Fiji/Imagej on my iPad pro, this has made it possible, so a real thanks. I would like to add more plugins, how can I do that, With regards, Samuel, Bangalore India


Hi Samuel,

Happy that it works for your iPad! A tip for using on ipad you might want to try is to open ImageJ.JS with Safari, the “Add it to home screen”, you will then get an ImageJ.JS app icon just like your other apps.

Installing plugins is a feature we are currently working, and hopefully it will come when we solved issues with compiling ImageJ2, and by then hopefully we can scale it up to have something like Fiji in the browser. But please be aware that can take quite some time.

Right now, the only way to add more plugins is through the website itself, we have some instructions here: Basically if you have some imagej-1 plugins and if we think that will be of useful for a larger audience we can compile it and add it to the official site. Do you mind to tell us what plugins you would like to have?


Hi, I am a completely noob user, how do you use cellpose in ImageJ.JS ?

Hi @Andry_ANDRIANARIVELO No worries, why not just try it by following the GIF above?

It uses the ImJoy API of the cellpose website, so your data will be sent to the server and it will go back with the result.