New forum for discussion on microscopy hardware & acquisition

We are happy to introduce a new resource for the imaging community:

Microforum is a forum for discussions on specimen, hardware and acquisition aspects of scientific imaging, such as theory and practical use of optical microscopes and detectors, fluorescent proteins & probes. Microforum was built using the same Discourse platform used by this forum. After discussions with several of the Admins, we decided that a separate forum (rather than expanding to include specimen/hardware/acquisition) made the most sense. We hope that Microforum will complement the excellent discussions and support on analysis offered by this forum. We will link to when image analysis questions are asked on Microforum, and we hope you will to the same.

Thank you to @eliceiri, @ctrueden, @fjug, @AnneCarpenter for thoughts and help!

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Jennifer Waters & Talley Lambert (@talley)

Jennifer C. Waters, PhD
Director of the Nikon Imaging Center & Lecturer in Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Imaging Scientist


Dear Jennifer,
this is a great idea. However, could you not force people to login to see the forum?
The strength of is that one can find answers without going through the process of sign in etc.
Also a web search will point towards answers in the forum and this is a very powerful way of advertising a forum.



Good thought, thank you! I just disabled the login requirement.


Sounds like fun! Thanks for setting this all up.

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A new link to the Microforum has been made at the top right of our forum page. The Microforum has the same for navigating to this forum as well. We hope this eases users in posting on these sister forums! :slight_smile:

Many thanks @talley !!!


Thanks Ellen! The links are super useful for switching back and forth between the forums on the Discourse app.

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