New down drop menu for Community Partners


Hello all !

Just wanted to announce that we made some minor changes to the forum layout to accommodate our growing list of Community Partners. This is our first pass at this… There is a new ‘Drop Down’ menu that now reveals the full list of Community Partners when clicked. As the list has been growing steadily - we’ve needed to come up with a solution to allow room for all our partners.

So let us know what you think so we can make adjustments accordingly to improve the layout/functionality/etc.

Many thanks!



Thanks, @etarena. Since there is more space now, I added ImgLib2 and SCIFIO as well, since those projects are already using this forum as their primary discussion channel. (I did not add SciJava, since it is more general than only scientific imaging, even though in practice the development discussions happen mostly on this forum.)


Hi @etarena and @ctrueden, thanks for working on this. I noticed that in the css of #software-partners contains margin-right: 200px; which makes a 200px blank space on the right. Is there any particular reason for that? I tried to remove the margin and it looks better to me (both on desktop and mobile). Another suggestion would be only collapse the logos on a small screen (e.g. mobile), for desktop browser with bigger screen, I think it’s better to show directly the logos without the drop down menu:

Right now the dropdown does not work well on mobile:

For mobile (small screen), I think it would be better to integrate this dropdown menu to the navigation bar, as a dropdown menu triggered by another icon or the logo. And close the menu when clicked. I actually like the idea of using the logo as a dropdown trigger button (maybe add a small down arrow beside, and show a floating panel with or the icons.


Fantastic improvement!


Yes. Open a topic while the Community Partners box is collapsed. Then expand the box. Without the 200px margin, this happens:

Please feel free to develop some CSS rules that you think work better.