Neurolucida and FIJI

Can I successfully open Neurolucida files in ImageJ or FIJI? Thanks!

AFAIK you cannot open Neurolucida files directly (there are great open source alternatives to Neurolucida - such as Neuromantic or SNT -, which makes such functionality secondary). However, you can save your traces in Neurolucida as .swc. SNT can import swc files. You can also subscribe to the Neuroanatomy update, which will allow you to render swc files directly using the File > Import > Tracings (SWC/Traces)… command

NB: If you do no longer have access to a Neurolucida installation, you can use L-measure, Neuron or Trees to convert your Neurolucida files into swc.

Does this help?


Thank you! I will try it.