NEUBIAS Short-Term Scientific Missions grants



Dear colleagues,
NEUBIAS, the network of European BioImage Analysts funded by the EU framework COST, has opened an activity that is centred on “mobility grants”, also called Short-Term Scientific Missions. In a Nutshell, BioImage Analysts and Life Scientists, from Research Labs AND Core facilities, can apply for funds to cover their expenses when visiting a Host-Lab in a different country (Lab or industry) where they will perform a short scientific project strictly focused on BioImage Analysis, and that should enable:

  1. collaborations on innovative image analysis methods,
  2. access to big data analysis technology and/or image analysis tools for scientists lacking them locally,
  3. knowledge transfers to support careers and regional development.

Please, check all the information here: and contact these people for any question:
Julia Fernandez Rodriguez - NEUBIAS STSM Coordinator
Clara Prats - NEUBIAS WG7 Co-Leader -
Julien Colombelli - NEUBIAS Action Chair -