NEUBIAS Academy @Home: webinar series about “Image Big Data”, starting on January 14th 2021

Dear colleagues,

After the success of NEUBIAS Academy in 2020, we’re happy to start 2021 by hosting a webinar series about “Image Big Data”, starting on January 14th !

Over the course of 5 weeks, with one 90 minute webinar each week, our invited experts will introduce you and guide you through the advanced features of the tools and frameworks they develop, customize or use daily to handle “BIG DATA”!

You’ll be taken on a journey starting with an overview of different file formats and important pre-processing steps, continuing with registration and stitching and finally analysis workflows adapted to the unique challenges of BIG DATA. Then you’ll learn about the latest developments in visualization, annotation sharing in the cloud, before concluding with a showcase of REALLY BIG DATA.

1st webinar, January 14th 15h30-17h00 CET (Brussels Time)
BIG DATA I: Visualization, File Formats & Processing in Fiji by Tobias Pietzsch, Nicolas Chiaruttini and Christian Tischer, Register now

2nd webinar, January 19th 15h30-17h00 CET (Brussels Time):
BIG DATA II: Registration & Stitching of TB image datasets
David Hoerl, Stephan Preibisch, Sébastien Tosi, John Bogovic, Register now

3rd webinar, January 26th 15h30-17h00 CET (Brussels Time)
BIG DATA III: Frameworks for Quantitative Analysis of Large Image Data
Anna Kreshuk, Jean-Yves Tinevez, Matthias Arzt, Register now

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4th webinar, February 3rd 15h30-17h00 CET (Brussels Time)
BIG DATA IV: Visualizing, Sharing and Annotating Large Image Data in the Cloud
Tom Kazimiers, Albert Cardona, Christian Tischer, Kimberly Meechan, Constantin Pape Register now


The 5th webinar of the NEUBIAS Academy Big Image Data Series is scheduled for tomorrow, February 9th 3:30-5pm CET:

BIG DATA V: Parallel Processing of Large Image Datasets
Pavel Tomancak, Stephan Saalfeld, Valdimír Ulman and John Bogovic,

Register here now:
More info at

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