Need to convert a colored MRI scan to a 3d model


New to the tool. I am able to import a series of jpeg images in Fiji. I can use ImageJ 3D viewver to see a full 3D model of my MRI scale (which has the MRI color spectrum). When exporting this (save as…) as an .obj the color is no longer there. Is it possible to export the 3D viewer as it is shown inc. the color?

When pressing File -> Export surfaces -> Wavefront/STL i get the error ‘no meshes found’ hence used saves as option.

Hi @Comp,

From what I gather, the steps you tried are only part of what is needed. May I refer to the welcome message so you can compose a clear question?
This post in the early days might help you. Your text is not entirely clear on what you want to get from ‘export the 3D viewer’: if it is your goal to get a movie of the 3D model or an object to import in another application?

Hi @eljonco,

My requirement is to export what I see in 3D viewer to Blender. In 3D viewer I can see a 3D model with all the MRI images composed together. However when exporting (File-> save as) the exported file only has one color.

How can I export the 3D model with its colors?