Need more speed



G’day all,

I have a question regarding performance of CP on windows based and mac based machines. Here are some figures and config’s when comparing the same pipeline.

Windows machine:
2.2GHz Core 2 Duo
Average cycle time: 58seconds

3.06GHz Core 2 Duo
Average cycle time: 80-110 seconds

I’m not being fussy here. Just curious as to why there are performance differences? Probably just the nature of the two OS’s?

I bet if I run windows on my iMac, it would be quicker?

Cheers all



Hi Tim,

Hmm, that interesting - we haven’t run any head-to-head OS comparisons that I know of. But first, a couple questions on your methodology:

(1) Are you using the compiled or Developer’s version?
– If compiled, the MCR (Matlab Compile Runtime) is OS specific, although without further research, I would only be guessing as to why there would be performance differences.
– If the Developer’s Version, then the way Matlab treats the different OSes would likely be the difference. There are only a few places in our code that use OS-specific commands

(2) Are you displaying windows? Your graphics cards could be the bottleneck in this case. Try running without displaying windows and we’d be interested if you repost your figures.



Hi david,

I’m running the compiled version of CP for both windows and mac. I don’t intend on using the developer’s version since I don’t know programming.

I’m also not displaying any windows during my pipeline run.

As a comparison, I used a macbook pro to run my pipeline. For OS X, my average cycle time was 130 seconds. But on the same macbook pro, running parallels and windows XP, I get an average cycle time of 70 seconds.

I’m trying to get the IT guys here to put windows on my iMac via parallels. Any performance improvements, even through windows will helps so much!

In addition, my colleague mentioned that matlab might be biased towards windows? Not sure of this.



Just an update on my situation. I’ve managed to have parallels installed on my work iMac (3.06GHz, 4GB RAM) and have run the 32-bit version of CP on windows.

Here are the comparisons running 1 pipeline.

iMac: 80 seconds (increases to 90-130seconds for multiple pipelines)
Windows (parallels; set to 1GB RAM): 30 seconds.
Dell Xeon (3.00GHz, 3GB RAM): 45seconds

Big difference huh? Especially considering windows via parallels is only 80-90% speed efficient.

Cheers all


Yes, this is interesting. We should look into this. There is very little in our code that is OS-specific or that would explain this, so I would think it’s a Matlab bias.

Thanks for reporting this!