Need help with the right procedure to move from GUI to colab


This is for a poc for a research team that wants to use this great software on dogs.
I’m very new to all of this and am trying to get it up and running without loosing too much time.
What’s the procedure to move from the GUI to colab?
Where do you stop in the GUI?
Any modifications needed in the config.yaml file.
I would use google drive as the data storage in both situations, no copyingen stuff back and forth.

Any advice would be appreciated. I tried following the “Colab_TrainNetwork_VideoAnalysis” but am running into all kinds of issues.


you can do everything before creating a training dataset outside of Colab. You upload the folder, edit the project path, then proceed in the notebook. Can you clarify why this is not clear?

OK, thanks for confirming. I was not sure if what I was trying to do was tested and working.
Seems if I get everything right in the config.yaml file things work.

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