Need help with DiameterJ

I am trying out diameterJ to measure pore sizes of polymer monolith

but I keep encountering this error message.

Not sure what it means. It would be great is someone can help understand what’s happening here.

Memory * 56MB of 6014MB (<1%)
nImages() * 1
getTitle() * “PALL_Btm_11.tif”
name0 * “PALL_Btm_11.tif”
path0 * 0

Error: Undefined variable in line 156:
var path0 = + name [ 0 ] ;

Thank you.

Good day,

what the posted code lines let suspect is that the directory path to the file “0” in a file array named “name” is missing.

Can’t help you any further however there are a number of post that report difficulties with DiameterJ which appears being a combo of ImageJ-plugins and ImageJ-macros.

I assume that you’ve already followed the instructions and considered the training concerning DiameterJ. If this doesn’t help, I recommend to contact the author of DiameterJ.