Need help with comet assay

I am trying to analyse comet assay results. I downloaded the pipeline and the output is this huge excell sheet that I dont understand!
I am interested in the tail moment. So tail intesity and tail length.
Thanks SOOO much!


If you look at the help for the measurement modules (MeasureObjectSizeShape, MeasureTexture, MeasureObjectIntensity), it includes the measurements made by each module, and the name that each is given. Take a look at * Help > Using Your Output > How Measurements are Named* for more details.

If you looking for the tail intensity and tail lengths for each comet, open the comet CSV (which contains the comet tail measurements) and look for the columns that are prefixed “AreaShape” for the morphological measurements and “Intensity” for the intensity-based measurements. For the tail length, several measurements may qualify since length can be defined in a number of ways; MajorAxisLength, twice the value of MaximumRadius, and MaxFeretDiameter are candidates. For the tail intensity, you can look at the mean or median intensity.

Once you decide on the measurement(s) of interest, you can go to ExportToSpreadsheet and select “Yes” for “Select the measurements to export?” and then select only those measurements you want to see in the CSV.


Hi Mark!
Thanks so much for your quick reply!
I only have 2 options: comet and comet head. If I use the one that is called comet that would be the entire thing right? the head and tail?

Maybe there is some sort of pipline I am unaware of that specifically measures comet tails but the one I have is downloaded of the website gives comet and comet head and I comet probably reffers to the whole thing. I guess one could creat a pipeline that subtracts comet from comet head?

You can insert the MaskObject module with “Comet” as the input object, “CometHead” as the masking object, and select “Yes” to “Invert the mask”. The new output objects will be the comet tails, and you can perform measurements on them just like any other object.