Need Help with Being Able to Control Nikon LU-NV Lasers Using Micro-Manager

Hi, I am looking for some help with being able to control the lasers of a Nikon A1R microscope using micro-manager. I had a meeting with a Nikon representative to see if its possible to control the lasers and he wasn’t entirely sure either, saying that he doesn’t think it’s possible. However, I wanted to have confirmation on whether or not I’m able to control the lasers. If so, where would I be able to find the device adapters to the lasers? The laser I’m using is the LU-NV Series laser unit. I’m not sure if that’s helpful. The links to both the microscope and the laser are down below. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Justin_Zhang, welcome to this forum!

I have no experience with this laser, but assume that it is controlled through analog and digital inputs, that are most likely connected to an NI board in the computer. You can try to control that NI board through Micro-Manager (at least some boards are supported). Alternatively, you could use the inputs directly and provide the analog and digital signals through something like the Triggerscope.

HI @nicost, Thanks for the reply,
I’m pretty new to micro-manager and microscopy in general. By NI board, do you mean a National Instrument board? If so, how exactly would I control the laser through this board?

Hi @Justin_Zhang,

Yes, sorry for using abbreviations! You would configure Micro-Manager to control the board. You would go through the hardware configuration wizard, and use one of the two NI adapters (first try NIMultiAnalog: as that seems the most recent and capable one). Configuring things to your liking may be complicated, but it would be a good start to see of the adapter recognizes your board.

Hi @nicost,
Thanks, so much for your help. I will try that and see if it works. I’ll ask you if I have any other questions.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Hi @Justin_Zhang - did you get anywhere with this?
I have an interest for a similar nikon laser system and wondered how you got on.

Hi @GChennell
It’s still a work in progress. But mostly following what nicost said above. You just have to figure out whether or not your laser unit operates through digital or analog signals and use the corresponding device adapter. Once you get micro-manager to fire the correct signals, the laser unit should work in theory.

Thanks! I am planning to give this a try in the new year.