Need Help with Analysis of Epithelial Cell Movements

Hello everyone,

My PI and I are looking for some help with analyzing the movement of epithelial cells on the tympanic membrane (ear drum). The movement of these cells form “wrinkles” or “ridges” - akin to ripples formed on water when a force is applied at a certain direction. We want to use a similar concept to determine the vectors that cause these ridges to form.

The first image shows an endoscopic image of the ear drum. The second image involves using the Convolve filter to highlight the ridges. The third image involves using a macro to process fingerprint images, which looks similar to the ridges formed by the movement. The fourth image shows an attempt to use the concentric circle plugin to analyze the ripple movements.

We could use some help in these areas

  1. Recommendations for any alternative method to approach this analysis - Any specific plugins, filters, macros?

  2. If the Concentric plugin is indeed accurate, how can we extract number data to quantify movement?

Any insight on any part of this project is welcomed!


Emaad Siddiqui
New Jersey Medical School

I can only see two images in the posts above. Can you try to upload the remaining ones again (preferably in png format, so that all browsers display them correctly)?

Did you acquire time series? If so, the plugins in Fiji’s Plugins > Optic Flow menu might help you. (Documentation is lacking unfortunately.)