Need help on a new Measurment module


I am working on a new measurement module for another module I wrote.

The idea is to find spots on microscopy images, and that part I succesfully wrote (code can be found here :
I implemented this method based on this paper

So I have been able to extract the spots and store them as an object in CellProfiler database.

Now I want to measure the number of spot per cell.
I have been able to do that part to, but I cannot register it.
Well I could but only with a given data structure and the number of cell per image changes.
So I want ot store the count for each cell as an independant measurement, not a mean/std per image.

And I am stuck there.

Any help would be welcome !


Assuming that your plugin is able to detect the spots as a set of objects (similar to IdentifyPrimaryObjects), if you are then able to detect the cells using IdentifyPrimaryObjects and/or IdentifySecondaryObjects, you can use the RelateObjects module to establish a parent-child relationship between them. That is, each spot is assigned as a child to a cell that overlaps with it; spots not overlapping with a cell have no parent.

One of the output of this module is a per-cell child count (i.e., number of spots) for each cell. The module help for RelateObjects has more details.

Hope this helps!