Need help from scratch

Hi everyone,

I also need your help - though I’ve really tried to manage creating a new pipeline for my image analysis I stuck in too many points to get it finished. :cry:
As Overview: I want to measure the length of these cilia - stained in red.

This image is originally an .lsm, so I want to make a Z projection, crop it and just analyse the length of the cilia in the middle of the lumen (green)- and finally get the data within a spreadsheet.

I’m really clueless! So pleeease help me! :smile:

Best Wishes!


Please see my attached project file which will load in the new CP 2.1. I started to work on this, but quickly realized I’m not sure what you mean by cilia here. There is very little information in the red channel that looks like long, tubular-like projections. Can you clarify?

And can you upload the raw .lsm file? It is best to work from the rawest file format (JPGs are lossy file formats), and you can do projections in CP.

DL_Cilia.cpproj (293 KB)