Need guidance on 3D segmentation

Hi all the experts in the ImageJ community,

I took 3D-stack images examining distribution of my protein and saw clustering of proteins in the experimental group compared to control group (Please see the screenshot image below).

(Left: control; Right: Expt group)

I would like to 1) Segment the puncta-shaped objects in 3D, and 2) measure the size, number, mean intensity, … of detected objects.

First I tried with 3D object Counter, but it does not segment the objects as I wanted them to be…

Could you please guide me what approaches I can take to achieve my goal?
I am uploading 3D Tiff images from my experiments.

Thank you very much for your guidance in advance,

1-Control.tif (2.6 MB) 2-Expt.tif (1.9 MB)