Need File to Run Linux Version




I have been attempting to get the Linux version of CellProfiler running and have run into a snag. As mentioned about 2 years ago, the Linux version of CellProfiler does not contain the

file and thus does not function correctly. I believe that it was on the “to-do” list to add this file into the downloadable file, but I don’t think it ever was because I am also getting exactly the same error. I have downloaded half of the older versions of CellProfiler, but cannot find this file in any of the downloads.

Could someone please post a link to to it temporarily so that I can test to see if this solves my problem? I am running the 32-bit version of CellProfiler for Linux right now.

Thanks much,


That file is usually distributed with your operating system, or available for install afterwards. If you are running an RPM-based distribution, check here:

You may want to talk to your IT department, if you’re not comfortable installing system files on your own.

Thouis Jones