NDVI Processing



Hello all

I’m working on a project of NDVI image processing.
and im looking for imagej tutorials or an experienced person who can guide me through the process.
i dont have any experience with imagej, so i need to start from the basics.

Basically i have RAW images i took in a modified sony alfa camera, using different filters to block different wave lengths.
I need to process them so i can develop a tool to know the state of a plant/leaf according to the results.

Hope you have some informative answers for me.

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Good day Eliran,

using a consumer camera having a Bayer colour matrix sensor, such as the sony alfa, and filters will pose considerable problems with intensity calibration, especially in the near infrared.

Before you start thinking about image analysis, you should carefully consider image acquisition and the question of how you will deal with different sensitivities of the camera at the desired light wavelengths.




In this older thread you will find some information which could be useful:


Thanks guys for the help.

also, if someone here is willing to guide me how to, or process photos for me (with payment), i will appreciate it.