NDVI Drone Agriculture

Hi, I am new to using Fiji / image J so bare with me!

I am flying a 3DR Drone with a modified GoPro 4 Black with a 337 NDVI lens. I am stitching with Panotools which seems to be doing a good job. I flew at 100 ft using the Tower App which produced 7 images.

I downloaded the most recent version of Fiji so am a bit confused on the Photomonitoring plugin which seems to be available for back versions of JAVA.Thus I did not use it.

The first images I previously imported to Fiji I was able to see a number of different representations that I have not been able to replicate. I am currently flying over a wetland near my house.

Heres my question, I am looking for a workflow for this type of imaging as well as what functions to use to see plant health as where the water ( moisture ) is located. My current image is 6011x7087 I saved it as a tiff from photoshop.

Any suggestions are most appreciated!



Here you find some fine references what to consider (calibration) and how to calculate the NDVI in ImageJ (consider your lens information for the calculation):


However it might be useful to contact the autor of the plugin for further questions:

A packaged ImageJ version with this plugin is available, too.