Nd2reader Site names

So I was trying out the nd2reader by Ruben Verweij to read in ND2 files, with the dimensions
{‘x’: 1024, ‘y’: 1024, ‘c’: 2, ‘t’: 49, ‘v’: 180} and store them as dimensions
{‘x’: 1024, ‘y’: 1024, ‘c’: 1, ‘t’: 49, ‘v’: 1}.
I did manage to do so, but ran into one problem:
Although i can adress the fields of view I have no idea what they correspond to from the experiment.
The Nikon Elements software is able to export ND2 files into tif files and name them according to the well, they were acquired from (I used a jobs pipleline to acquire the images).
So they are named something like GFP_B2_0006_0000.tif, GFP_B3_0006_0000.tif,
GFP_C3_0006_0000.tif etc.
The meta data that the nd2reader can extract seems to be rather limited.
Is there any way to extract the information that field of view 1-20 correspond to well B1, 21-40 to well B2 etc.?
the channels are correctly displayed as the used optical cofigurations
‘channels’: [‘Farred_nuclei’, ‘GFP’], but field of views unfortunately are not.