Napari plugin for scikit-image regionprops

Thanks @talley, that’s a useful trick to know! It does catch some stuff, but not the issue I seem to be having here.

I see the following in my console, not sure if it’s related:

CoreSVG has logged an error. Set environment variabe "CORESVG_VERBOSE" to learn more.

When I run napari --plugin-info -v, I get:

/Users/joel/opt/miniconda3/envs/hiPSC/lib/python3.9/site-packages/napari/ UserWarning: pythonw executable not found.
To unfreeze the menubar on macOS, click away from napari to another app, then reactivate napari. To avoid this problem, please install in conda using:
conda install -c conda-forge
PluginManager for "napari"
(11 hook specs and 5 plugins)
builtins v0.4.8.dev84+g097dca87       6 hooks
  - napari_get_reader
  - napari_get_writer
  - napari_write_image
  - napari_write_labels
  - napari_write_points
  - napari_write_shapes

console v0.0.3                        0 hooks

napari-feature-visualization v0.1.dev24+gdb01dfb.d20210504    2 hooks
  - napari_experimental_provide_dock_widget
  - napari_experimental_provide_function

scikit-image v0.4.8.dev84+g097dca87    1 hooks
  - napari_provide_sample_data

svg v0.1.4                            6 hooks
  - napari_get_writer
  - napari_write_image
  - napari_write_labels
  - napari_write_points
  - napari_write_shapes
  - napari_write_vectors

So it looks like both hooks are detected. But the regionprops plugin still doesn’t show up afterwards.

Also, if I try to import from napari import Viewer in my file, the plugins don’t show up anymore, but the output of napari --plugin-info -v doesn’t change.

I’m very confused with what is happening with my plugin at the moment. Any idea where else I can check?

I did some further tests. On my side, I think it was something weird in the python environment. In a fresh python environment, it now seems to work, in the current master builds of napari & magicgui. No idea what broke in the old conda env… :man_shrugging:

(also noticed that we were missing pyqt5 as a dependency that was needed for some of the regionprops module, will be adding this :slight_smile: )

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