Napari on raspberry pi and realtime

  1. I was wondering if Napari could be used to display images and do some processing on them and display on the GUI in real time i.e as the images are being captured. If so, would someone be able to provide some example in regards to this.

  2. Also, does napari work on arm architecture - raspberry pi4’s architecture?

Yes, you can display images and do some processing on them in real-time with napari. See the “live_tiffs” demo in the example directory:

Note, this demo has a companion script to simulate new image files being created, so you can run it without being connected to a microscope (or whichever detector you use for your work). You can find the companion script here:

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I’m going to let @sofroniewn answer your question about the raspberry pi.

It seems like most of napari’s big dependencies (VisPy, OpenGL, PyQt) can run on raspberry pi, so it might work. The amount of memory available could be a dealbreaker, but it seems some of the higher end ones have up to 8GB.

Possibly the real answer here is try it and see! I think you’re the first person to ask this.

Thanks @GenevieveBuckley for posting the examples and reply! :slight_smile: I will try out on raspberry pi and post here my findings. Might be a while though