Napari issues (jupyter-notebook)

Dear all,
I am having some trouble running Napari over Jupyter-notebook.

  1. I cannot load nbscreenshot from napari.utils. It seems it is not installed in napari library.
    Is there any tip for that?
  2. I can open napari viewer, load images, layers and work perfectly over jupyter-notebook. However, as soon as I close the napari windows, Jupiter kernel dies. How can I fix it? I have tried with %gui qt and qt5, but no luck.
    Thanks a lot.
    Best wishes

Hi @Murilo_Carvalho you might have an olde verision of napari. Do you want to try upgrading with pip install napari -U. You can also figure out your napari version by typing napari --info on the command line or selecting napari info in the Help menu bar. If you paste what you see there into a new message maybe we can help you more,

Hi Nicholas,
Indeed, I was running and old version. Now I upgrade to napari 0.3.4 and nbscreenshot is working.
However, the problem running napari from Jupyter-notebook still persists.
I can run napari perfectly (it pops up as a “stand alone” windows), add_layers, delete, etc. Everything working just fine.
But, if I close Napari windows, Jupyter kernel crashes.
Any idea?
Thanks a lot

Do you see any error messages (say in the terminal where you launched the notebook from?). Also if you can give the output of napari --info that might help. Maybe also the result of pip freeze to see what else you have installed.