Names and Types issues

This post is in continuation to my previous post “Problems in Splitting Image into Different Channels”.
I am using Cellprofiler Windows version 2.1.0.
The issue is as follows.
I am loading a group of images into CP. Then extracting metadata from File headers which I am successfully able to do so. But the namesandtypes module is giving me the Java error. I am adding screenshot to the same.



It’s hard to tell from the error (as you can tell :smile: ). If you haven’t figured it out yet, would you mind posting your pipeline and an example image set?

I suspect that, as you say, the metadata got extracted ok, but you need to choose the metadata column that properly distinguishes the frames (assuming is it an image stack).


And googling finds that this is likely a Bio-Formats issue in reading the image or extracting the metadata: … a?rev=6457