NameAndTypes Error

UnicodeDecodeError: “ascii” codec can’t decode byte 0Xc3 in position 31: ordinal not in range (128). I’ve tried to use the software lots of time, but it doesn´t work, I can’t see the image, I don’t know if I should use a color or gray image.

Please, help me!
This is the image that I want to analyse. I need to measure area, membrane thickness, count number of cells, compare with other images…

ThanksWT 2h 10_Airyscan Processing.tif (714.9 KB)

What version of CellProfiler are you using?
You can start by using ColorToGray module. Here is a quick start:
Test.cppipe (7.4 KB)

You can checkout our video tutorials for setting up pipeline and segmentation.
Hope this helps!

Thanks Nasim,

However I couldn’t solve my problem yet.
The CP version that I’m using is 3.1.5.

I already have checked several tutorials. Thanks for the suggestion.

Best regards,

Did you try adding the modules to the pipeline I attached?
What seems to be the problem?

Yes, I tried it and suddenly it worked and generated the attatched image.
Now I would like to start working by measuraring area, membrane thickness, green coulor intensity, etc.

Many thanks,
ColorToGray.pdf (92.5 KB)

You can follow the video tutorials and module helps to find the objets and make the measurements you are interested in.