MySQL recommendations


My local IT service are going to help set up a MySQL database on their cluster. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations I could pass on to them for the set up of the database on the cluster.

The operating system on Rocket’s login and compute nodes is CentOS 7.3. The main data filestore is a 500TB Lustre parallel file system, and home directories are on a 20TB filesystem accessed via NFS. The Lustre filestore, home directories and all the nodes are connected by Mellanox Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) 100Gbps InfiniBand. Nodes within a rack (16 nodes, 704 cores) form an island with 1:1 blocking. Otherwise the blocking ratio is 16:9.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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What to do depends on the specific use case. In general, I wouldn’t recommend to put a database server on a distributed filesystem as performance will be affected and there may be issues with locking and data consistency. Unless there’s a specific requirement for doing otherwise, set up your MySQL server on a dedicated machine with a good/fast local filesystem. Performance will be better and the set up will be easier to maintain.

That’s what I was thinking too. Thanks very much!