My threshold window tap or other plug-in tap is not magnified to see

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After I upgraded to Windows 10, threshold tap for selecting the intensity is locked and minimized. It was fine with Windows 8. Due to this issue, I cannot change the staining intensity in IHC and cell staining data.

Could anyone help me with this issue?


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Have a look at this thread. @imagejan has a quick fix to it. - B&C window not getting displayed. It should help you solve the issue.


Thanks for your response. As I am a fairly new to Javascript, I am lost. Plus, I am not sure where I can find Threshold plugin

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No worries. First you have to open Image>>Adjust>Brightness/contrast. Then go to File>>New>>Script. A new window will open which allows you to run scripts. Now in this window, go to Language>>Select Java script. Finally run the following commands.

WindowManager.getWindow("B&C").setLocation(0, 0);

The window to adjust the intensity should appear on the top left of your screen after you run this. If you are looking for the threshold tab, it will be under Image>>Adjust>>Threshold. If your threshold tab is not visible just change the term B&C in the above script to Threshold and then run it.

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