My plugin doesn't appear on the plugins menu



Hello. I have written a first version of an ImageJ plugin of multiple classes. It runs ok on the IDE (eclipse).The problem is that when I generate a runnable .jar and put it in the plugins folder, it does not appear on the plugins menu. The main class and the name of the .jar have underscores. I think the problem is the plugins.config file. I am not quite sure how to generate this file, where to put it and the content it should has. I generate a plane text file which I named “plugins.config” with this line:
plugins, “MRF”, main_MRF, where main_MRF is the class that contain the run method. I pasted this file in the poject folder and then exported the project as a runnable jar but I cannot run it on imageJ. Does anyone know what am I doing wrong? Thanks


Dear @juliobuonfigli,

Did you have a look at This repository also contains an example plugins.config:

How exactly do you do that? Do you use Maven for your project?

Also, could be interesting for you.



Thanks for your tips. Yes, it is a maven project and I did not know the plugins.config file was automatically generated. I simple modify the plugins.config file with the class and package name and it worked. Thanks again!


Just to clarify for others reading this: the plugins.config is not generated automatically. You will have to create the file manually so that your bundled plugin shows up at the specified position in the menu.