My Manders' Coefficients plugin doesn't work well

Dear experts,
I want to display a frequency scatterplot and a colour scatterplot using Manders’ Coefficients plugin. But if I select ‘Use threshold’ in the ‘Manders’ calculator’ interface, after clicking ‘OK’, no scatterplot is made although the scatterplot interface is still shown. A frequency/colour scatterplot will be made if the ‘Use threshold’ option is not selected.
Why does the situation occur? What does it mean if I select the ‘Use threshold’ option?
Thank you very much!

You refer to this plugin? The primary author, Tony Collins, is no longer active in the ImageJ community. But perhaps some technically-minded person can look at the source and try to help with your questions.

Relatedly, have you read the page about colocalization?


Dear Dr. Ctrueden,
Yes, I refer to this plugin. It is a pity to hear that the primary author, Tony Collins, is no longer active in our ImageJ community. I know he created many useful plugins for ImageJ, especially in colocalizaiton subcategory. I am reading the page about colocalization, which you recommended to me. It is really helpful!
Thank you for your reply!:laughing::rose:
Yang Ke