My czi files wont open in ImageJ

Hi, I’m trying to upload an image as a czi file that my supervisor has sent me (I’m a 3rd year science student). Everytime I try and open an image I either get a load of code come up, or it says I have a wrong file type.

I am very unfamiliar with ImageJ so any help would be appreciated (please explain to me as a complete beginner).

I have looked at other forum threads but have just been left confused.

Unfortunately I can’t share an example image as it is likely to be included in a research paper that is not mine to share.

I have updated Image J and have looked under ‘plugin’ but can’t find the relevant next steps that some people seem to suggest.

Any help would be really appreciated :).

Hey @shannonh ,

Can you try if Fiji can open it? Fiji is an ImageJ distribution that comes with a lot of plugins such as #bio-formats which allows opening CZI files.

Let us know if this helps!


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Hi @haesleinhuepf
I have just finished installing Fiji and it has worked perfectly!


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