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I have a time series picture in tiff stack ,and I want to part to multiple regions. I found using image j maybe can achieve it. Using gride can divide it to different area, duplicate can extract one of the regions, but I want to extract all of the regions. How to writing code of plugin to Achieve the function.

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Please always upload a sample image while asking questions, image analysis is super sample-dependent.

I’m almost sure that you can do it with ImageJ, but I do not have experience on that.
I will let the others to comment on it.

I’m more a Python user, if you can write Python code.
You should have a look on this project.


Hi Tong, thanks for your advice,I will uploaded a tiff stack . my question is how to divide one tiff stack to multiple tiff stack. not limited in image J,I’m very interested in python . how to achieve the function by python.Can we cooperate?

Of course, I can help. However, according to the forum goal. This is not a place to build one-to-one assistance.
If you upload your images, I can share my ideas (or even a script) of what would I do to address your problem. So does the others. You may probably get other answer better than mine.
So, please upload the images first.

Back to your question:
In fact, I assume that you want to do multiple single-cell tracking within a time-series tiff stack.
You do not have to split (or crop) the cells before any processing.
You can also use this solution and it’s a non-developer solution.

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I have uploaded my image,but I don’t know why you cannot see it. are you Chinese? mybe we can add wechat ,198012079670 OR yuanxin54321

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Sorry, I was busy since last discussion and it’s impossible to find you on wechat.
I still recommend you to upload your images here.