Multiview Reconstruction: Fusion of anisotropic data

Hi all,

I used the multiview reconstruction plugin to register two camera views (180 degree) of my 4D dataset. The dataset is anisotropic and I want to keep the anisotropy.

The registration works but if I use the weighted-average fusion (content based) and save the data as tiffs, the volume of each timepoint is now isotropic by an increase number of z-planes.

Since I work with huge data I would like to save it with the original number of z planes instead of deleting the additional ones later.

Does somebody have an idea why this happen and how I could solve it.

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to the forum, @nadine!

I’ll mention @StephanPreibisch, the author of the Multiview Reconstruction plugin, as he might be able to comment on this and give more advice.

Thank you! He could help me with the problem.

The solution is to reduce the z dimension of the z-plane by an affine transformation. In other words, if you open the stack in Multiview Reconstruction, you would choose Apply Transformation and than choose affine transformation. Than you would have to change in the matrix the m22, by eg 1/5 if the difference between xy and xz resolutuin is a factor of 5.


Hi, if you use the BigStitcher update site and the Multiview view inside the BigStitcher, the Fusion will have exactly this as an option already.

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