Multiview Reconstruction: Define Data Set



I would like to try whether I can use the Multiview Reconstruction to register two time-points of a 3-D movie. However, I am already stuck at Define dataset (2/3).

I am defining like this:
Image File Directory: C:\Users\almf\Desktop\tmp
Image File Pattern: mri-stack-T{t}.tif
and my files are named like this:

And it says: “File not found”

What am I doing wrong?

Hello again,
I found my mistake. Please ignore my post.

And that was?

Please give others the possibility to learn from other people’s mistakes. This is what has driven evolution so far :wink:


OK. It was so stupid that I did not think it is worth posting :wink: But here we go: In Define dataset (1/3) one has to specify that one has multiple time-points in order to “activate” the {t} regular expression.

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