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Hi, I am a new user of ImageJ, and I wanted to use the multitracker plugin. However, my image has a shadow, and the only good way I found to remove it was through subtracting the background. After this, the multitracker plugin does not give data for all the frams (it stops at 96 instead of going to 360). How should I solve this?



I’d really recommend you use TrackMate instead… it comes with Fiji (which you can download here). This tool is widely used and regularly updated (also, the author frequents this forum… bonus!). So give it a try and if you still have questions - post again. We are all here to help.

I second @etadobson’s recommendation of TrackMate.

Nevertheless, if you’d like to stick with MultiTracker: I noticed that @drjrkuhn (who I believe is the author of that plugin) is on this forum, and just invited him to join this topic.

Thank you so much for your replies! I had one question on using TrackMate: I’m trying to calculate the path of one object but instead I’m getting multiple tracks for that one object. How should I go about making one track for the object?


LOL. I literally wrote multitracker 20 years ago and haven’t used it since in all that time. It used simple frame-to-frame distance estimates to link points. Something else is definitely the way to go.

I have never used TrackMate. It uses a global optimization algorithm from the Danuser group. It is definitely a much better starting point!



Be sure to read through all the docs on this plugin:

Especially the Getting Started page:

You are able to edit tracks… so what you wish to do is possible:

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